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Congratulations! We want to officially welcome you to Ascension Rotaract Network! If your district recently joined Ascension, we encourage you to continue reading to find the next steps for engaging your team with ours. If you are not sure where you are in the process, please take a look at Part 1: Ascension Inquiry! 

This section of our site will walk you through Ascension’s onboarding process. This process is unique to those who are a part of our network. Onboarding is pretty simple and a lot of fun, allow us to explain!


After submitting Consent to Join and completing the form below, our Executive Team will be in touch with you to schedule your onboarding call via the contact information you provided. This virtual video call will last approximately 60 minutes, and we will provide the link. The call is open to all those at the district level serving a position related to Rotaract or have an interest in strengthening Rotaract. Our Executive Team will lead this call which will include discussion on the current state of Rotaract in your district, your goals/ideas to make it stronger, and how Ascension can help support you in your efforts with our resources and program opportunities. This call is designed to be open and honest. Our goal is to get to know you and identify how we can best serve Rotaract and Rotary together. 


Before you take the plunge and fill out the form at the bottom of this page, be sure to check out the “Prep for Onboarding Checklist” below. We look forward to taking this next step together!

Prep for Onboarding Checklist

1.  Reach out to those who will be on the call.

2.  Identify 3-5 date options at least 1-2 weeks out from filling out the form below.

3.  Gather information on Rotaract in your district (number of clubs, types of clubs, etc.)

4.  Reflect on Rotaract in your district and where progress could be made. We encourage all participants to write down these ideas. 

5.  Once you complete the steps above,  please fill out the "Onboarding Request" form below and our Executive Team will be in touch to confirm a date and time for your onboarding call! 


Thanks for submitting!

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